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The Blue Stars - RAF Driffield, the rock n' roll years

These photos (and report from the Driffield Times in 1961!) may stir some memories in people who were at RAF Driffield in the rock n’ roll years – and music fans from Driffield as well.

They were kindly provided by Barrie Sinden, who was in charge of receipt and disposal of US equipment. They show him in action with his band - the aptly-named Blue Stars.

The group consisted of Barrie on drums, Mike Brierly on lead guitar, John Taylor on rhythm guitar, Mike Rogerson on bass guitar and piano, plus singers Dave Riddle and Eddie Butler. All were local except Dave and Barrie who were serving in the RAF at Driffield.

Barrie said: “The photo with the smart coats was taken during a gig we did at the town hall. Pam Harvey, a good friend of mine, was our manager.”

The Drifft Inn Club, which many of you will remember, was owned by Pam's Dad.

Barrie added: “The group started in The Black Swan singing room. The landlord was Henry Mack and his son Billy was lead guitarist. It later became the Yorkshire Penny Bank. We moved to the Cross Keys, almost opposite what is now known as the Charles Dickens I believe, as they paid more but Billy didn't come with us.”

Big thanks to Barrie for supplying the pics and info, and if you remember the Blue Stars or have any more pics and memories of life at RAF Driffield own the years, please do get in touch – you can email me at

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